Partial Dentures
When a person has lost some but not all of their teeth, a partial denture may be the desired treatment choice. In this situation, partial dentures can provide a simple and attractive way to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures are created from an impression of your teeth and gum which ensures a synonymous fit with the rest of your mouth. These appliances are designed to fill in the empty spaces, and to ensure an attractive, gap-free smile. Teeth are selected to match your remaining teeth and complement your individual appearance. Special care is taken to match the size, shape, and color to that of your natural teeth. The result is a seamless replacement that can blend in with your natural teeth.
Retained by small clasps that engage the teeth, the denture will secure itself in your mouth. In the right situation, if properly designed and constructed, your partial denture will be both comfortable to wear and will function in accord with your remaining natural teeth.

Partial dentures will also help to maintain the spacing of your natural teeth. When teeth are lost or removed, the remaining teeth will often shift to eventually fill the gap created by the lost tooth. This change in teeth spacing can affect the way you bite. This can lead to numerous problems, such Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) problems that could cause headaches, ear aches, clicking or popping sounds, or even difficulty moving your jaw. Partial dentures aim to prevent these problems by working to keep your remaining teeth in their natural position.

There are three types of partial dentures offered in our office:

  1. Conventional Partial Dentures - These have metal frameworks and metal clasps that snap over certain remaining teeth to gain support. Hidden Partial Dentures - These partial dentures are made to show as little metal as possible. Either the clasps are designed in a way to minimize their appearance, or "attachments" are used. These are little devices buried in the denture that lock into crowns for stability, but are not visible to other people.

    Flexite Partial Dentures - These are all acrylic partial dentures that have either pink, white or clear acrylic clasps. The clasps almost become invisible because they blend in so well.
  2. Overdentures
    These are dentures that rest on top of any short, remaining teeth in the mouth. Frequently, these teeth need endodontic treatment (root canal therapy). They can then be modified or protected. This is an excellent option when there are still existing teeth that may not be able to support the functions of the mouth alone.

Full Dentures
When a patient has no teeth, dentures are the first treatment choice to help restore some of the function and of your teeth.

Immediate Dentures
When infected teeth have to be removed, an immediate denture is the first step to reactivating your smile.
Implant Retained Dentures
These are dentures that rest on top of surgically placed implants.



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